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guests on a quad tour in Vizinada and Motovun

Istria – Terra Magica

A wealth of tastes, aromas, entertainment, adrenaline, cultural and historical sights of the county of Istria

Although Istria is small, it has a lot to offer. From cities, sleepy villages, coastal towns, medieval cities, and Roman ruins, the Istrian peninsula is full of interesting attractions. Istria has everything you need for a perfect holiday!

Wherever you go and wherever the roads lead you, you will find rich historical sights from the time of the Illyrians and Romans. Rich gastronomy where everyone will find something for themselves, olive growers and winemakers who work hard and enjoy the fruits of their labor, then the sun and the sea. Endless blue, sports activities, experiences will not end.

Istrian Flavors

Above all, as great gourmets, we will consider the richness of tastes and flavors in Istria. If you are in Istria, we recommend visiting local agritourism, taverns and restaurants such as Selo Mekiši, Konoba Jadruhi, Ograde, Stari Podrum, Vela Vrata, and others. Also, try excellent Istrian wines from Istrian winemakers such as Franc Arman Wines, Rossi Wines, Kozlović Wines, Kabola Winery, and many others.

Finally, a visit to Istria is not complete without trying Istrian prosciutto and truffles. In addition, the Istrian peninsula is famous for olive oil, so we recommend all lovers of olive oil to visit the local olive growers.

Summers in Istria

If you are in Istria during the summer months, the sea, the sun and the beach will make your holiday on the Istrian peninsula perfect. The Istrian coastline is 539 kilometers long, within which you are sure to find a piece made for you. From hidden coves, sandy or rocky beaches to beaches with live music or DJs.

Istrian Culture

In addition, the Istrian peninsula is rich in cultural and historical sights. The history of the peninsula dates back to the time of Elias, Roman emperors and even further back, which is why traces of these cultures have been preserved in our area.

To all lovers of cultural and historical heritage, we recommend a visit to Pula Arena, the church Euphrasian Basilica in Porec, the Temple of Neptune in Porec, Dvigrad, the Church of St. Euphemia in Rovinj. Each place will enchant you with its charm and uniqueness.

Explore numerous Istrian churches and frescoes, famous Istrian castles and many other places.

Free-time activities

Istria also offers many events to fill your evenings and free time. In July, during the ATP Croatia Open in Umag, you can watch professional tennis and take part in a week-long music party. Sea Star Festival, which is mentioned only in the superlative and has been nominated for the best European festival two years in a row.

For all film lovers, Motovun Film Festival will be held, which will delight you. For all wine lovers, Vinistra is held in Poreč with many winemakers and olive growers. If you are in Istria in autumn, don’t miss the Prosciutto Fair in Tinjan.

Meet Istria Differently

In the end, whatever and wherever you find yourself on the Istrian peninsula, you will get to know something new that will stay with you forever. For even more advice, as well as to get to know Istria from a different perspective, contact us with confidence.

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