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driving atv near the river Mirna in Istria

Medieval City Dvigrad

Dvigrad is a typical medieval town castle, first mentioned in 879. From the name of the town that means “double city”, we can conclude there are two towns. The first one is Moncastella and the second one is Castel Parentino.

Where to find the secret city Dvigrad?

The medieval town is located in the municipality of Kanfanar Limska Draga, in a valley that stretches from the fjord Limska Draga to Pazin. Today’s remains are a part of the northern town of Moncastella, which is open to visitors, the other part of Dvigrad has been demolished. Dvigrad is surrounded by double defensive walls connected by an ornate town gate. Within the walls, about 200 buildings have been preserved. The most important being the town palace, where the bishop’s chapel is located.

What legends say?

There are many legends about Dvigrad, the most famous being the legend of Hidden Treasure from Henry Morgan and the legend of  Plague Epidemic. The legend of the hidden treasure tells about the infamous pirate Henry of British descent who fought against Spanish pirates. According to the legend, Henry conquered and plundered Panama, disturbing the peace between the English and the Spanish and beginning a chase. According to legend, Henry escaped to Lim Bay, where he anchored and found Dvigrad, which seemed an ideal place to hide the treasure.

Another legend says that Dvigrad flourished as a town during the Venetian rule, but in the 15th century a plague epidemic is said to have broken out. Soon followed by malaria and the inhabitants moved to the nearby town of Kanfanar. Eaven today, the citizens of Kanfanar belive that they are descendants of Dvigrad’s medieval inhabitants.

Get to know the abandoned medieval town of Dvigrad

In Istria there are numerous ruins of castles, towers, but we like to say that there is only one Dvigrad. Dvigrad was not destroyed by war or military force, but it was abandoned. If you want to see how typical Istrian towns used to look like and much more, check out our unforgettable quad tour that goes through Dvigrad.

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