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4 quads at the parenzana bridge in Vizinada

Parenzana railway

Meet the magical Parenzana, path of health and friendship

Did you know that at one time Poreč and Trieste were connected by a railway called the Parenzana. Parenzana passed through a large number of Istrian towns, including Vižinada. It operated as a railway from 1902 to 1935. In the early 2000s, it was converted into a recreational tourist and bike route.

What was the Parenzana about?

Called Parenzana, the railway was the basic economic link of Istria with the world and enabled the development of the poorest parts of Istria at that time. Apart from passenger transport, it also transported agricultural products such as olive oil, fruit, vegetables, wine, cereals. The Istrian part of the Parenzana leads through beautiful valleys, over green hills, through vineyards and olive groves to medieval towns. Special features of the route are the preserved tunnels and viaducts, which are masterpieces of the architecture of that time.

Facts about the Parenzana railway

There are many interesting things associated with Parenzana, and some of them are as follows. The first is how the train was moved at a maximum speed of 31 km / h, the second interesting thing is that the carriages were lit by kerosene lamps. The third interesting thing is about the fate of the rails of this line. Mussolini’s authorities removed or dismantled the rails and shipped them to their colony in Ethiopia. However, the ship never reached its destination as it was shipwrecked in the Mediterranean Sea.

The Way of Health and Friendship

Although time and nature interacted to erase the traces of the railway, a project to revive of Parenzana called “The Way of Health and Friendship” was launched. If your attention is drawn to Parenzana, you want to know more about it, and you want to meander through it on quads, we recommend our Parenzana Magic Tour.

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