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Visit Vižinada

Vižinada full of life, hedonism, gastronomy and energy

Istria County is rich in small medieval towns, and one of them is Vižinada. Vižinada is located on the old road that was once the main road connecting Pula and Trieste before the highway was built.

The locals of Vižinada believe that one of the most beautiful views is the one from Vižinada itself. At the entrance to Vižinada, there is a hill of St. Thomas with a beautiful view of local vineyards, olive groves growing on red and white soil. The view extends to other medieval towns such as Motovun, Završje and many other rocky towns and the valley of the river Mirna. “Mirna” is the largest river in the County of Istria.

Why shoud you visit Vižinada?

If you decide to visit Vižinada, you will not miss the fun and activities there. It is a place that exudes the strong energy of life but also indescribable peace. In this town, you will be able to see the fusion of tradition and the present and you will be delighted by how today’s Istrians nurture, preserve and, respect all the values left to them by previous generations.

Activities in Vižinada

The municipality of Vižinada is considered one of the most wine-growing regions in the Republic of Croatia, with more than a million vines. Local winemakers have been winning numerous medals and awards for their wines for many years. The most famous wines of the municipality of Vižinada are Malvasia and red variety Teran, but in addition to these local winemakers also produce Chardonnay, Muscat, Rose, Cabernet Sauvignon, and others. Some of the most famous winemakers in the Municipality of Vižinada are Franc Arman Wines, Deklić Wines and, Rossi Winery and Distillery.

If you are a lover of tradition and would like to have a look at the vineyards and enjoy the offer of the local winemakers, gastronomic delicacies that will leave you speechless, a look at the untouched nature and the richness of tradition, we recommend you to choose one of our off-road ATV tours such as “Wine Tour“, “Regular Tour” or “A Massive Tour“.

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