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Visit us in Ritošin Brig, charming village near Vizinada in central Istria

Vizinada as a tourist destination

Vizinada is a small town in Central Istria close to Poreč (15km) and Motovun (5km), which despite its size has a lot to offer to its visitors. The city Vizinada is rich of history stories, churches, towers and monuments. Thanks to its position and good land, hills around Vizinada are full of vineyards and olive groves, which are the second main source of income and occupation to the citizens after tourism.

Vizinada back then

Like in the whole Istria, during the medieval times, Venetian noble families were rooling in Vizinada and built the root of this time. Later on in 1990s, thanks to Parenzana railway that connected Italy with istrian cities Poreč, Rovinj and Pula and passed through Vizinada, this city faced big industrial growth. Back in that time, it was strategically important traffic position.

Vizinada today

Today, Vizinada is developing further, but in the direction of tourism. Parenzana has been transformed in the tourist attraction and one of the most bellowed bike routes in Istria.

During the summer, visitors come to visit the local wine fair where the best wineries in this region present their great wines that are appreciated all ower the world. Also, here is a festival of traditional sweets called “Slatka Istra” that takes place in August. If you are a bike lover, do not miss to join to a >bike marathon Parenzana< taking place on the last Sunday in September each year, when hundreds of visitors enjoy in beautiful nature while riding on their bikes.

Do you agree that Vizinada is a must-visit destination in Istria? Well, we definitely do!

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