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Our Fleet

We present our fleet of six quads of the latest generation Linhai ATV 500 Promax with a 4×4 drive. They adorn themselves with a new striking design, an aggressively shaped front dominated by LED headlights.

Our selection consists of high-quality and carefully chosen quads to offer the best to our guests, they are comfortable and extremely easy to handle quads. Speaking of easy, this is backed up by the fact that they have automatic transmission. When it comes to comfort, the quads are equipped with a two-seater that can accommodate two people on a quad.

For all adrenaline lovers, adventurers, and those who want to be, we are honored to invite you to one of our tours and enjoy an off-road ride with the new Linhai ATV 500 Promax Quads.

Looking for a great adventure in Istria?

Istra Grand Tour team offers such an adventure where you won’t enjoy just driving our quads, but also see new places, people, customs, culture,… Meet Istria Differently!

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